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Why we blow off the candles ?

We all celebrated our birthday with full of joy and happiness. We plan for a great party merrily. Finally we cut the cake and proudly we blow off the candles.

Why we blow off the candles ?  Is it necessary ? Is there any rule that we should blow off the candles ?

From childhood our parents always says that don’t blow off  the candles or diya from breath because it’s a bad oman.

According to Indian Mythology five elements of universe are Bhumi ( Earth) , Neer (Water) ,Agni (Fire), vayu (Air), Gagan (Space ). Fire is the essance of all existence Fire is the builder the presver and the destroyer.

Agni is worshiped as omniscient God. Agni (Fire) not only give heat , warmth and light also supplied people with their emotional and spiritual connection.

Fire is an aspect of divine and it is with this in mind ,our ancestors refrained from us blowing out a candles or fire with our  breath. We pray agni ( Fire) for the prosperity of Future. 

In Birthday everyone called “blow off the candles” How does blowing off candles fit in …. to make a wish . Is it true ?

Deja Vu

Sometimes it happens in everyone that the current situation happens before. We are familiar to new place , person or conversation with someone before. We puzzled that what does it and why does it happen ?

Basically this is a “Deja Vu “ a French word which means ”  Already Seen or Again” .It is a memory based experience memory centre of brain responsible for it.

Our brain have four lobes frontal , parietal ,temporal and occipital. It occurs due to activity of Temporal lobe ( for long term memory ) and Hippocampus ( convert short term memory into long term memory ) 

It is just experience common in teenage or  20-30 year of age.Children not experience Deja Vu.

Even I also had Deja Vu when I went to zoo at 4 year before. I experience that I had come at same place before and I know that what happen after. At that time I don’t know what is Deja Vu .But the experience are never forgettable.

Money versus Education

  Last Sunday me and my  brother were talking about change in lifestyle ,nature , behavior of people . Today we know that money is everything  but my brother says big books matter more.

I think that he was right. Without books and education we can’t achieve anything in our life. Education is our first duty. If we are educated we can educate thousands of people that have no to educate.

Many children live in slums they don’t have money to educate if we educated them they will also educate poor children.They were like a lamp in there life.